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We are currently looking to recruit for the following roles:


This could be your best decision yet. 

Scouting relies on strong leadership. So if you can motivate others, keep a cool head and balance a variety of views then you would be an ideal chairperson for 35th Nottingham (Kingswood) Scouts. With experience of steering meetings to produce excellent decisions, you’ll be equally willing to speak your mind as encouraging others to express their views. You will use your strong communication skills help to help team of committed adult volunteers who make up the Trustee Baord arrive at a good decision that will benefit young people. Able to work as part of a team, you will also contribute the direction and development of the Group.

Key tasks:

  • Lead the Trustee Board. 
  • Plan when Trustee Board meetings should take place, and decide what to talk about at each meeting. 
  • Lead Trustee Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 
  • Liaise with Lead Volunteers. 
  • Lead recruitment for new Trustees. 
  • Support other Trustees by organising inductions, checking in to see how they’re getting on, and carrying out annual reviews. 

No previous experience of Scouting is necessary. What’s more important is your own skills and experience as well as empathy with our mission and values. We will provide all appropriate training and ongoing support. 

35th Nottingham (Kingswood) Scouts is part of the Scouts, offering fun, friendship and skills for life to over 460,000 young people across the UK.


Contact Graeme Nicoll on 07940504881 or email graeme.nicoll@nottingham-scouts.org.uk 

Group Trustee Board Member(s)

Every Scout Group requires trustees, which form the Group Trustee Board. 

This committee oversees the administration of the Group. As well as a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, each Trustee Board welcomes people with specific skills, and representatives of Beaver, Cub and Scout parents. Most Trustee Boards meet three or four times a year, but effective members will volunteer for tasks in between the meetings, thus ensuring the smooth running of the Scout Group and maximising its potential for a hugely positive impact on its young members. 35th Nottingham (Kingswood) 

35th Nottingham (Kingswood) Scouts is part of the Scouts, offering fun, friendship and skills for life to over 460,000 young people across the UK.


Contact Graeme Nicoll on 07940504881 or email graeme.nicoll@nottingham-scouts.org.uk


All of our leaders here in the 35th Nottingham (Kingswood) Scout Group are volunteers, with this brings lots of different skills, but also means the programme relies on them being free. 

To ensure we have enough adults to run as many exciting nights as we can, we would like to see if anyone wants to join us in any of the sections as a one of the following:

Assistant Leader

Assistant Leaders support the Section Leader in delivering the Balanced Programme. This can mean anything from helping to plan and run games or activities, or helping to keep records up to date. The responsibilities of an Assistant Leader will depend on their own interests and on what they agree with the Leader.

Section Assistant

All our sections need helpers. Outdoor activities and nights away require a certain number of adults in relation to the number of young people. So by helping out whenever they can, section Assistants could be enabling an extra 6 (in the case of Beavers) or 12 (in the case of Scouts) young people to participate in Scouting. More importantly, section Assistants provide invaluable support to Leaders and Assistant Leaders.

Most important thing to note is that no previous Scouting experience is required, most of us didn’t have any!
If you are not 100% sure, Scouts recommend a try-before-you-buy 4 week scheme. 

Week 1: Come and see what we do

Week 2: Help out

Week 3: Get a bit more involved

Week 4: Decide if Scouts is for you

If this sound like something you would like to do, or if you know someone who might like to join us please get in touch with any of the Leaders or email graeme.nicoll@nottingham-scouts.org.uk