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Below is an extract from a letter by Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commisioner for Scouts which we would like to share:

“As Scouts we stand together against racism, always. Inclusion and acceptance are at the heart of our values, and we are not afraid to call out racist language or behaviour. We strongly support the principles of Black Lives Matter and also stand with those affected by racism. We are a movement that inspires openness, kindness, understanding and the power of community and friendship… As Scouts, we must all continue to listen and reflect on how we live up to our values and strive to do better.”

To actively support our members, we have created and shared guidance and resources to help parents and volunteers to have conversations about racism with young people.  This is a first step in helping give our members the skills, confidence and courage to challenge racism and other behaviours that go against our values as Scouts.  

35th Nottingham (Kingswood) Scout Leaders